TAX 1: Rare number plate sells at auction for £92,000

A “taxi” car registration plate has been sold at auction for £92,000 after a rare appearance on the open market.

The TAX 1 number plate had been in private ownership for 40 years ahead of the sale by Humbert & Ellis Auctioneers in Northamptonshire.

The winner, who was bidding online and was not present, bid £78,000, rising to £92,000 including buyers fees.

It is not known if the plate, which auctioneers described as “head-turning” will be used on a taxi or private car.

Auctioneer Jonathan Humbert said: “We get a lot of generic plates that can be low value but because of the UK font, in this case the 1 can look like an ‘i’ so it’s much more sellable.

“They are notoriously difficult to sell and this is a great result for our vendor.

“A lot of armchair valuers will say – that’s worth £100,000 – but they’re not the ones who get their money out of their wallet.”

The auction house had estimated the value of the number plate as between £80,000 to £100,000 before the sale.

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