The ex-Peter Collins Allard J2

A car which contributes to very famous history in Allard circles. It’s reputed that it was largely in part of his exploits in his 1951 J2 that Peter Collins caught the attention of Ferrari, which is where his race career would take him. Raced in period with its cycle-winged green body, green interior, aero screens, pronounced bonnet air scoop and ‘JWP 800’ registration; this is a very recognisable car which features in many Allard publications.

Chassis #1911 would be heavily damaged during competition in the late 1950’s, after Collins sold the car. From the crashed car, another vehicle, known as the Farallac Mk.I would be created by Don Farrell with the aid of ex-Allard Engineer, David Hooper. This car, chassis #J1812, and registered ‘MTE 857’ remained prominent throughout its career and continues to compete in regular historic competition today. Chassis #1911 joined Tony Lockey’s collection in a period believed to be the early 1980’s. It was rebuilt by our late vendor in the period to 1991 in tribute to how it was known in 1951, after which it was once again registered for the road and re-married to its original & famous registration, ‘JWP 800’, by the DVLA. It has subsequently not been run for some time, but always kept in a dry garage which has helped to preserve the car superbly well. 

Sold for £86,940 inc premium